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Hi curly sis & bro's,
i have a problem and i know that you guys can help. I went natural about 5 months ago and since i started i've only used DevaCurl products .
Now my hair has been falling off alot, i mean alot!!! So i was wondering if you guys have a solution, suggestion or any products that i could use to stop my hair from falling.
Thanks and hope you guys can help.
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Do you mean that you stopped putting chemicals in your hair or that you stopped using heated appliances?

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Do you mean that you stopped putting chemicals in your hair or that you stopped using heated appliances?
Originally Posted by lunarising
I stopped using chemicals, flat iron and everything. I went completely curly just using the deva products.
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I am definitely in the minority here, but I lost a lot of hair using Deva Products. I can still use the Low Poo, but I lost tons of hair with One C. The only thing I can use to keep my hair from falling out is Pureology Hydrate Shampoo/Condish (again, in the minority, I don't think these have gotten the best reviews on here...) It could be other things as well, such as thyroid or hormone issues, so if it persists you may want to call your doc. Good luck!
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Omg, I'm i guess glad to hear that the products might be the problem because this was not happening before so it couldn't be anything else. Ok i'm going to try to use other products like the pureology like ashleyerin mantioned. thank you so much for your input.
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I stopped chemically relaxing my hair last March. Around the 5-6 month mark my hair was awful, full of tangles and I lost so much each time I washed it was a wonder that I wasn't bald Now at just over 10 months there are vitually no tangles and I loose a minimal amount each time I wash.

I do remember how bad I felt those months ago so please, take heart, you will get over the awkward stage and your hair will love you for perservering

Modified CG - Suave coconut conditioner (CW), BC Down and Out, and and Aussie MM conditioner my current loves.
I have used DevaCurl products in the past and the only product that did actualy cause the pulling out of my curls and a fair amount of my hair being shed too is AnGell.

I can tell you that the best thing for you to do at this time is switch brands. There are two brands out there I personally feel can really help deliver optimum moisture to your dry brittle hair, and stop your hair from falling out such as:

Nioxin-Their "Scalp Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner". You need to have a hair professional match you with the correct version for your specific hairtype)

Nexxus-Therappe Shampoo, Humectress Conditioner
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If you brushed, combed & styled your hair prior to using the Deva products, you lost a lot of hair during those manual manipulations. Take a look at your brush. I'm sure there are lots of hairs stuck in the bristles. If you are no longer doing those things, then you are probably losing more in the shower when you wash and/or condition your hair. It's normal to lose about 100 hairs per day, and it's got to come out some time, usually when you are maniuplating your hair.

I'm not saying you are not having a reaction to the Deva products. Maybe you are. Normally, from chemical damage, though, the hair breaks off rather than falling out. Sometimes it breaks so close to the root, you think it's falling out.

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Yes, prior to me going naturally curly i was blow drying my hair maybe once a week and the rest of the time i would wear it pulled back in a pony tail., but i don't remember ever loosing as much hair as i'm loosing now. I'm so scared of washing or even wetting my hair because i know that i'm going to loose soooo much of it. I feel embarrased now when people look at my hair, i feel that there looking at my bald spots it's Horrible
I think for now i'm just going to follow what syb suggested and just switch brands and pretty much take it from there. I will defenetly look into all the brands you guys suggested & let you guys know how it goes. I thank you guys for all the suggestion and i knew that i could count on all you guys for answers. Thank you.
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Hmm, this is an interesting problem... Have you had any major stress, stopped b/c pills or given birth to a child in the last 3-4 months?

I am also wondering how curly your natural hair is as you don't mention it. In the years I've been here on/off, I've visited the transitioning forums frequently and heard more than a few ladies say that the remainder of straightened hair tangled with the new growth and pulled it so many in frustration would just jump and do "the big chop". Since long distance it's hard for any of us to guess why you're losing so much hair I agree that the wisest thing right now is to switch products but please choose one with close to natural ingredients, you need to be sure your scalp can breath.
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Well i'm in between a 3a & 3b, i'm not on b/c pills or stopped taking them and gave birth 3 years ago so i don't think that could be it. although i went thru that stage of hair loss after i gave birth.
I also had my hair cut by a curly hair specialist when i decided to go natural, and Leo taught me how to take care of my curly hair she said not to use a regular towel cause that causes frizz and to use paper towels, that's also when i learned that deva products were good for curly hairs.
Anyways now i went out to buy nexxus therape/humectress suggested by syb, i've actually used it once and of couse i didn't see the difference because it's too soon. I will actually try all the products suggested 1 month at a time to see the differnce.
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