Using your shampoo as your conditioner.....please answer

Could i use my shampoo as my conditioner?....would that be alright?....and would anyone no anything that i could use a "conditioner" in terms of something for dry hair....maybe a leave in?
How would you condition with a shampoo? A shampoo is a cleanser and often strips the hair. Conditioners moisturize the hair and undo some of the damage the shampoo does. If you only shampoo and don't use conditioner, you certainly won't be improving your hair's condition.
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I'm confused. IF your hair is dry, then why aren't you considering conditioner? Like Bailey422 said, shampoo can be drying and if you don't follow with conditioner or use any at all then it's not going to improve your hair.
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Are you using one of those shampoos with the conditioner built in? I think they call them 2-in-1 shampoos, or something like that.

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I'm with everyone else. A shampoo alone won't cut it and will, in fact, lead to further, dryness, unless you're using something like the CJ 2-in-1. That cleanses and moisturizes just fine. It is, in fact, too moisturizing for me, and that's why it now sits on the swap board. As for the dryness of your hair, well, first, I would stop conditioning with shampoo, if you have been, and try a dt, like Ouidad. That one always does the trick for me. There are some regular conditioners, though, that can act as dt's, if you already have some sitting around the house. Put conditioner on, stick on a shower cap, and turn on the blow dryer, or heat up a towel and twist it around the shower cap. Let it sit for a while. That should help with the dryness.
Do you mean to ask if you can use your conditioner as your shampoo?
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No, I'm sure she meant what she asked. I saw a post not long ago about someone with I think 4a/b hair who used a very moisturizing shampoo (can't remember which) and left it on and it seemed to stretch her coils and give her more definition. However, I personally can't imagine why one would leave any shampoo on because there's always ingredients that are meant to be rinsed off and in the long run could have a negative effect on the hair, especially when there are SO many good COs, possibly one even made by the same company who makes such a shampoo, that could serve a similar purpose. Or one could mix 2-3 COs or a CO and moisturizing lotion/cream, etc. to achieve a similar effect.
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