wen vs hair one

Do they have the same ingredients and has anyone tried both? What is your opinion. I use hair one and like it and just ordered wen from ebay. I want to compair. Hair one is from sally's and i believe claims it is like wen. Is it?
Hair type, thin, 3b, past my shoulders always looking for length. Use jessicurl hair cleansing cream, devacurl one c, angel, set it free, Always see a deva trained stylist for cut and Aveda Institute for color.
I know there was some debate on the Devacurl foaming mousse thread about it. Someone posted the ingredients on it and they surprising are not that similar. The ingredients are seriously out of whack on the Hair One.

We weren't able to find anybody who had tried both, though. The general consensus seemed to be that the ones who had tried Wen liked it, but some didn't think or didn't know if it was worth the expense. The other general consensus was that the ones who had tried Hair One were not all that impressed with it.

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