What's wrong with my hair? What hair type am?

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Hello. This entire summer, I was searching for a product that worked for me. I found nothing, Every product I used gave "some" curls, but other parts were very frizzy. I don't know my hair type so maybe that will help.
I tried Eco Styler
Ampro Clear Gel
Ampro Brown Gel
Lots of Garnier Products
My hair is pretty short right now, but when it's long it looks like cotton and a clump. Like very coily. That's why I was thinking 4b+
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I think you just need to let it grow a few more inches
Shea Moisture .... I live by these products. You can see results by the second use .
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Maybe you should let it grow a bit more.

Also, what is your current regimen? What other products (beside styling products) do you use?
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I wash it every 4 days with garnier?? Or this purple shampoo for gray hair. My hair was longer than this when I used the products. I think its 4c. What products are good fir 4c? What do you think it is?
I'm thinking you'll need to determine what your hair properties are (texture, porosity, elasticity, density). I find that my biggest hits and misses with hair products and regimes are based on whether or not they work for my hair's particular properties. For example, my hair with its properties does really well when I use products with silk protein, BUT when I used a product in which the protein was sea kelp, it felt absolutely hard and straw-like. Another example...Some people will report how their hair gets weighed down when they apply oils to it, but my hair does really well with coconut oil (I consider coconut oil one of my HGs). Still another example...There are lots of quality styling gels on the market (I even have some and use them periodically), but still I haven't found a gel so far that works better for styling my hair than my homemade FSG.

Some further trial and error is probably still in store for you (I'm expecting that to be the case with me, too, since I'm still relatively new to all of this). But in the meantime, if you're looking for recs, perhaps you can try one of the recipes found here on nc.com for homemade FSG. Again, it works for my hair, plus it's *dirt* cheap, so you won't be out a lot of money if it turns out that it's not your thing. Another idea -- *IF* your hair likes protein, there's a homemade treatment called a 'Cherry Lola' treatment** that's supposed to condition well plus give good curl definition and reduce frizz. cherryloladotcom's Channel - YouTube Again, this homemade treatment is cheap. And it seems to allow some room for experimenting (for example, I've seen some people substitute regular, cheap conditioner for the yogurt in the cherry lola recipe). Note: I'd try this treatment myself except for the fact that my hair wouldn't do well with such an intense protein treatment. If it weren't for that, however, I'm sure I would try this treatment because the results I've seen on other people have been great as far as curl definition and frizz reduction.

Anyway, hope some of that helps.

P.S. The Corbin Bleu hairstyle is a great look.

**ETA -- Again, knowing your hair's properties matters. If your hair is high porosity (or if your hair is damaged), you probably wouldn't want to work with baking soda because from what I understand, baking soda has the temporary effect of lifting the cuticle of your hair and with high porosity hair, your hair cuticiles are already pretty open. If, however, your hair is low or even normal porosity, that's not a problem. There are lots of people who use baking soda treatments with great results. I periodically do baking soda & conditioner washes followed by ACV rinses as a clarifying wash on my normal porosity hair, and get great results.
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You just got really good advice above. I do think you should grow it out some before you'll really have a better idea of what "type" it is. Also, can appreciate you admire those guys' hair, but you may or may not end up having one of their texture and/or curl types. Corbin has finer, looser curls than many of the ppl trying to achieve his look. What's true is you seem to have healthy curls that - if you treat them kindly as they grow - will look great in general ... and great on YOU!

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Well you're off to a great start: chunky, curly hair. I am jealous of that thickness with my thin ass curls. Get thee to the 4a thread and Curly Nikki for some great tips and product recs that I just don't have the time to put in this little box
You might want to try Hair Milk by Carol's Daughter since you've already tried Eco Styler.
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