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Not feeling the subject line of this CurlMart Newsletter!

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I received this Curlmart newsletter and am feeling a way about it. This company may not be privy to the hairstorical references regarding African American hair. How do you feel about OTHERS calling you this? Here's my letter to them: Who You Calling Kinky? |
I may not be really "qualified" to answer this, since I don't have "kinky" hair, but here it is anyway:

There's a lot of verbiage used to describe all kinds of hair. Not sure who came up with "kinky" as a descriptor for AA hair, but there are many people, including AAs, who use it. In fact many AAs I've met actually refer to their hair (positively) as "kinky" on a regular basis. So my feeling is meh.

It's like the difference between saying, "Hey curly" and "Hey kinky". Both can be considered quite neutral by a lot of people. "Kinky" has a sexual reference, but sex sells so ... ?

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Newsletters coming to me say, "Hey Wavy."
Originally Posted by IAgirl
So when you all order from them do you select whether you have curly, kinky, or wavy hair? Either way it doesn't bother me. But if it said Hey Nappy....well....

On my EVO
I was curious so I looked back at emails received from NC. Here is a quote from the original registration email...

"You are the newest member of our wavy/curly/kinky community, and we are so glad to have you!"

So I'm guessing they send their newsletters to 'hey wavy', 'hey curly', or 'hey kinky' based on the hair type you registered with. IAgirl says she gets "hey wavy". I don't have any old newsletters, but I'm guessing mine say, "hey curly".

I don't think that it is meant to be negative in any way.
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I went back and checked the email I got on this, and it says "Hey Curly", so it's apparently based on how you registered your curl type.

Speaking for myself, I look at much of the labeling of hair types differently within the context of a curly hair forum/community such as this than perhaps I might in the general, "outside" community. What I mean is that when a curly here says "kinky", it's simply one of the accepted descriptions of a curl pattern like 'spirally" "corkscrew" "wavy" "swirly", etc. So, if someone says "kinky" to describe their own or someone else's hair here on this forum, I suspect everyone has an understanding of the curl pattern being described, and the discussion just continues from there without pause. Nothing more, nothing less.

If, however, "kinky" were used in some other, random context, completely unrelated to the whole premise of a curly hair forum like this one, then yes, it would probably come across with a totally different connotation. To me, anyway.
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Yea....I think people upset about this are being ridiculous. It's like they always want something to complain about. And yes, my hair is kinky.
People should be willing to stand by the things they say. Or they shouldn't say them. If your opinion can't stand in the light of day...maybe it should stay in the your head?
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I'm glad some one else feels a way about this. I have that Frizz Forecast app and I don't like they say "kinks" for 4a- 4c hair. I mean, I would have accepted "coils" better. I sent an email, but I'm sure they were like "Whatever bit*h". I honestly use Curly Nikki's app more because it seems more geared to "us".


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I personally don't refer to my hair as kinky but the email doesn't offend me at all. Their intent was not negative. That's how A LOT of us describe our hair. Why would i get upset over that? It seems to my you're reaching with that one. As for that link you posted, why does it matter if the people who own naturally curly are white? What the hell does that change? Looks like someone trying to get some mess started. Certain people always want to talk about how we need to get past the issue of color but they will be he first one to bring it up when it has nothing to do with what's going on.
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I've never seen anyone get their panties in a wad over someone calling their hair "kinky." Hell, a lot of people here use that term affectionately.

"Perhaps, I am being a ‘lil sensitive, but it brought to mind the term- “Nappy” meaning “fuzzy, kinky,” used incolloquial or derogatory ref. to the hair of black people, is from1950, according to"

No one called you nappy. Did you look at the definition of kinky?
"(of hair) closely or tightly curled."
It doesn't say anything about kinky being derogatory. Sure, nappy can mean kinky, but kinky doesn't always mean nappy.
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I'd take Kinky over Nappy anyday.
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I really don't see why it's such a big deal, I mean, it's just being "cute" and trying to show you that it specifically wants to cater to your type of curls. I've had my hair called "kinky" before, because I DO have waves that are coarse and in some spots have tighter coils -- while it's not the same as 4 hair by any means, people still label it that way because it's different -- and it's never bothered me. It's just an adjective. Really doesn't seem like something even worth making an issue over, if it makes you uncomfortable, just unsubscribe. I feel like of all places would be the LAST place actually going out of their way to offend anyone.
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I'm rarely offended by words so this doesn't bother me at all.
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