1. Wash with GTTT (scandalous, I know, but I can't do co-wash at all!)
2. Scrunch in GVPCB upside down
3. Rinse upside down with cold water, put on a shower cap and finish showering.
4. Gently scrunch out water
5. Scrunch in KCCC upside down then sideways
6. Scrunch in a few globs of Aussie Instant Freeze the same way
7. Pixie diffuse upside down, side ways, then right side up
8. SOTC upside down with JCNS

Works consistently well for me with great clumps, curl pattern and very minimal frizz. What's the downfall you ask? IT TAKES FOREVER AND A HALF TO DIFFUSE! I spend 30-40 mins on diffusing (mostly with hot air, not warm). at this point my hair's still not bone dry but I get sick of it and stop.

Using a towel (have used flour sack, microfiber, t-shirt) cuts down the drying time a little, but then frizz increases and curl definition decreases.. I suspect the towels absorb too much product. I can't plop at all. I've tried plopping for anywhere between 5 to 30 mins. Wonky wurls every time. KCCC dries super slow but I have yet to find a substitute! I've read some substitutes on the board (can't think of any off top of my head) but they all contain protein and I can do very very little protein and that's it.

Any advice on cutting down drying time?