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Jas76 11-13-2011 11:06 PM

Tonight's DT
I had a long weekend out of town (and by long I mean rough, not an extra day - ha!) and had to neglect my hair. So I decided to do an overnight DT to help my dried out locks!

So I cwc'd with a VERY low-poo and tresemme naturals, plus a little bit of GVP k-Pak. I detangle with the condish in there, then just wrung out my hair and added the DT over the top. I used GVP CB, and SM masque, then put some EVOO and coconut oil over that and combed it all through.

Then I scrunched in the curl, put a bag over my head and a sock hat over that.

I'm planning on leaving it on all night, but the bag and hat might start to bother me. If so, i'll take the bag off and just wear the hat. ;)

Hoping for good results in the morning!

Any suggestions for other additives for next time??

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