No Combing?

Hi! I'm starting the CG method for the umpteenth time, and I keep coming back to the same issue with my 2c hair. How do you not comb your hair after you shower? In the shower I use a low-poo (know from experience I for sure need low poo), then condition and scrunch in my conditioner upside down. After rinsing, I scrunch dry with a cotton t-shirt. At this point, my hair looks like it has great clumps. However, if I don't comb it, the top gets matted and nasty, and I always have to wear a headband. If I do comb it, the top is fine, but the clumps are gone and instead I have lots of little curls with a very flat/smooth/wavy top.

Any suggestions?
My hair is not the same type as yours, but I have a similar issue to the one you are describing. I was getting horribles matted hair from scrunching in product. I figured out that that (scrunching in the product) was the problem. You may consider looking up other methods for getting good clumps that will allow you to at least finger comb your hair. I have great success with the "rake and shake" combined with clipping up my roots.
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I don't have the same problem you do, so I can't speak from experience. But one thing that did come to mind when I read your post was the Super Soaker method. If you really like or must comb after you get out of the shower, this method might help re-form your clumps afterward and sounds like it would be a good bet for you! Here's the link:

I hope that helps! Good luck and keep us posted.
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I think I hit the jackpot! Yesterday I combed my hair in the shower when my conditioner was in. I didn't flip my head upside down though like usual to apply it. After rinsing, with my head ride sight up, I sort of "shaked" my roots and hair to give it some lift, almost like the rake and shake for applying product. Then, I flipped my hair upside down and finger combed, then scrunched with a t-shirt. After this, I flipped my head up and again shaked my roots, then applied product. And now, no flat top!
Comb while u condition in shower to lock the moisture, combing when it's wet causes spilt ends

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