my hair always smells really bad...

even though it's natural and I'm getting really sick of it and I'm not sure why it does this...

I wear my hair natural and have never used chemicals or heat on it. I've been (completely) using the CG techinique of no sulfates and silicones since summer. I use organix sulfate-free shampoo every other dayish and Suave naturals conditioner, then Aussie volume gel. I shower late at night and put my hair in a loose ponytail while I sleep, then in the morning it is still damp put it in a high bun to let it dry like that more before school.

My hair is really long, like to the bottom of my ribs, really thin and loosely wavy at the top to medium curly at the ends.

I can't figure out what is causing the smell... maybe I need to get a haircut or something? I'm going to soon anyway, but idk if this will help...

Anyone have any suggestions or ways I can make my hair start smelling better?
When you wash your hair do you clean your scalp really well? Also, if the products you're using have strong smells and you use them all at the same time that could be why it smells bad.
Could be mildew

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What type of bad smell is it? Does it smell dirty? (like greasy, ready for a wash?) does it smell mildewy? Overly fragrenced?

There are a number of possible causes, but what specifically is the smell?
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The only thing I can think of here would be that you don't really let your hair dry naturally -- you're putting it up a lot when it's wet and stuff, and that might give "stuff" (like mildew or something) a good chance to keep growing, since your hair probably stays at least damp for long periods of time. And is it your hair that's smelling, or your scalp? If it's your scalp, you would know that it's probably a washing issue (or other skin problem), but if it's your hair, you're just likely keeping it damp for too long. Try washing really well once in the morning and either let it airdry or diffuse it and see if it still smells. Then you might be able to narrow it down a little better. It could also be product smells "competing" with one another like someone else said, but it doesn't sound like you are describing it that way.

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Try rinsing it with apple cider vinegar, and then giving it a chance to completely air dry.
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U just said iturself , u pull ur hair in pony or bun , no offence but it probably smells like it's rotten.. Cuz that wht u actually do by not letting it dry and breathe , stop doing that and I hope u notice the difference.
If not I might tell u about a better solution
I'm not really sure what mildew smells like, but I'm pretty sure it's not the scents of my products competing because none of them are strongly scented. I'm not really sure how to describe the smell.

Also, what exactly am I supposed to do to keep my scalp clean? Usually I just sort of massage it with my fingers and the shampoo or conditioner.

I will try the apple cider vinegar suggestions and let it dry during the day so I can see... thanks

As to using a diffuser, where could I get a good cheap one, and which one?
I have the same problem with my hair. I really think I dont let it air dry enough after workin out or showering. Today I showered early, put gel in and let it air dry. It still has a mildewy smell to it. Any advice on what else to do?
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try blotting out extra moisture with a t shirt or paper towel after you wash if you don't want to use heat.
After reading your last post, my advice is you should consider a trip to your physician to see if the smell is symptomatic of a medical issue (Ex: immunity deficiency or hormonal imbalance). Or s/he may end up simply referring you to a dermatologist. A dermatologist would likely take cultures (samples of scalp/hair cells) and examine them for evidence of pathology. What you describe sounds like it could be fungus (tinea capitis).

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Hmm try using backing soda one teaspoon over 1 litre of water , rinse ur hair after ur done cleaning ur hair n then rinse with cold water do that everytime ,
also do the following as a pre poo take some apple cider vinegar mix with water n take some cottons soak them in the vinegar n water then run n massage yr scalp with that cotton , and change the cotton , plz dnt burn ur scalp lil vinegar is enough

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I have Seborrhoeic dermatitis and I've found that sometimes I can smell something nasty from my hair yet no one else can. I remember getting my Mom and sister to smell my hair because of it! LOL They could never smell anything other then the products I used but the smell was there for me.

I'd recommend that you go see a dermatologist. You may have the same thing that I've got.

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Update on my smelly hair: I used the acv rinse and that did the trick. I mixed 1 part acv to 3 parts water. The acv hair made my hair real shiny too and helped my scalp. Thanks everyone for tips.
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do you use heat? my hair smells like fried chicken when I use heat lol.
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