DIFFUSER--what is your routine?

hi wild_sasparilla
Really u were in fremont also..yes its very cold here right now .the coldest its been since the 1990s.. its been in the low 30s-40s since last week.. i dislike this kinda weather , love the summer time here more..i know of forest park but went to mattos school and so on..i hope u are having a curly day like the rest on this board , gotta love NC and all its curly friends!
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I also follow the Jessicurl demo video for the most part. I do not plunk though. I let my hair airdry for a little bit while, doing my makeup, getting dressed, etc. Then I diffuse on low while leaning side to side, scrunching my hair w/ the fingers on the diffuser. I usually diffuse until almost dry. Diffusing gives my curl lots more bounce as opposed to simply air drying.

I only wash my hair twice a week, on my day off or when I have time to deal with drying it. I do the rinse upside-down, scrunch gel into sopping hair and wrap in a towel thing. Since it's so wet, I leave it up for at least an hour while I do stuff around the house. I take it down and scrunch out excess moisture with a microfiber cloth.
I then let it hang for 15 to 20 minutes, or longer if I'm in the middle of something. Then I use my finger diffusor with ceramic disk. I take a huge section, push it to my scalp with the diffusor, and hold it on high heat, low speed for 10 or 15 seconds, repeating sections if need be. I do this all around until it's 90% dry and let it airdry the rest of the way. I always have to rearrange my long bangs and/or top layers because they just do whatever, but bob pins are my friends.
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thanks for all the advice! i'm getting lots of good ideas.

i still have some more questions/comments, though.

--How much time do you spend diffusing your hair to get it where you want it? (whether it be 50% dry, 80% dry, or 100% dry...) i know it would take me at least half an hour to get my hair completely dry. i am just wondering how it works out for all of you because i'm trying to minimize the amount of time my hair routine takes as much as possible...any advice?

--also, i tried plopping for the first time today for about 10 minutes before i diffused so that my hair would not be absolutely sopping wet when i started. the pros: my wet hair was kept out of my face while i was getting ready, it minimized the drying time, and it lifted the roots to minimize the triangle effect. the cons: it seems that a lot of the product came out during the process, and it ended up a bit more frizzy than normal.

overall, everything has been working out pretty well. however, the problem is that i have really thick 3b/3c hair, and i don't really like all of the volume that plopping and diffusing is giving it. so, is there any way to still get the same drying effect while minimizing the volume/poofiness?

i'll keep experimenting and letting you know the results! thanks for all the help.
I know that if I air dry completely, my fine, wavy hair is flat, with no curl definition. Not frizzy, but flat. I guess that's the trade-off with air dry.

Lately I've been plopping, sort of. I've plopped 3 times. The first 2x I used a large t-shirt. The first time I plopped I let it air dry the rest of the way after plopping. Not much curl definition. The next plop, I still used the t-shirt, but diffused it. I had frizz. Not wild, electric frizz, but frizz nonetheless. This last time I used an old scarf that has the feel of the t-shirt, and I put that under a bandana which I folded in 1/2. I put mousse into my soaking wet hair and it took about 4 tries to get the thing secured properly. I let it dry for at least 30 minutes like that. I diffused for about 5 minutes, and let it finish by air drying. Some frizz atop the head, and no flat head effect.

I nearly always diffuse on low, whether I diffuse til completely dry or whether I leave my hair with some dampness in it. I use a finger diffuser. Today I diffused upside down, doing the back side first, going to sides and then front. In the past, I diffused front first. That left my 2a canopy very undefined.

If I continue to plop, which I love, I'll likely use a t-shirt or 2, cut it to the bandana size and then fold as a bandana. The towel is too unwieldy, I don't have an aquis towel nor a turban, and the t-shirt is seeming to work nicely. Cutting it into a large triangle would help with securing it.
all right, after experimenting a lot with the diffuser, i think i've come to the conclusion that i am going to save the diffuser for the times that i absolutely have to dry my hair in a short amount of time (i.e. for a wedding, banquet....). it is just too much trouble to have to diffuse it every day, and it adds 20 minutes to my routine that i don't have. i think i am just going to stick with showering at night and sleeping with my hair wet/damp...that seems to have worked pretty well in the past. thanks for all the advice, though! at least now i know that if i need to, i can get my hair completely dry in a very short amount of time (when compared to air drying for 5 hours )

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