My hair doesn't make sense....

Since my hair is fine-ish, even though I have a lot of it, you would think it would like the lighter conditioners better, and that heavier conditioners would weigh it down. But it has always loved the thicker, richer conditioners and just drinks them up. For example it loves Too Shea, One C, Kenra MC, Curls Ecstacy, all DT's, you get the picture. I don't have coarse hair at all, and my hair definitely isn't super curly or damaged, so it just seems a bit odd that it likes these types of conditioners and cream stylers. Anyone else like this?
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Maybe it's the weight of the conditioners?

My hair loves that B2B peach pom old version and it's really thick. My hair usually doesn't like those. Now EMBC is light to me and real hydrating but my hair doesn't look as good when I use that one.

I think yours is looking for the humidity of earlier days is all
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My hair is also very fine and loves deep conditioners. The only difference with me though is my hair responds horribly to cream stylers. I have to use gel.
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I'm not sure what my hair is. I think it may be fine to normal.

I can use rich conditioners for the most part, but forget leaving some in if I am going to use a stying product. I find I need to rinse my hair pretty good after conditioning or it gets droopy on me. I also have trouble with leave-ins making my hair look droopy.

So far, the only conditioner I have found that I can't use is the LaCoupe Color Rescue. No matter how much I rinse, it still seems to weigh down my hair.

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I have fine wavy hair and my hair loves conditioner. I do color my hair though, so that may be why it soaks us the conditioner.

I cannot over condition. I use EMBC, Too Shea or One C.
And I always use a leave-in. And I use Boots or Re:Coil for styling.

Funny how every one is so different.
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If many of us finer-haired curlies and wavies seem to do so well with the richer conditioners, I wonder why most of the companies market their thinner, less richer conditioners towards us? I know it's 'supposed' to be that way, but apparently it's not.
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Lush, I find the same is true for me. My hair is thin and fine, but it drinks up the thicker conditioners and doesn't weigh it down. I know a few years ago a stylist told me that my hair needs lots of moisture and that was the first time I'd ever been told that.

I do have to be careful with some of the cream stylers I use, especially the Curls stuff because those can be a bit much for my hair. But for conditioners, the thicker/richer, the better for me.
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My hair is normal, (as in each strand isn't coarse, but it's not fine) but I also have a lot of it. My hair seems to get overconditioned easily. One time I used a little too much of aloeba and my hair was so overconditioned. It took a few days for it to get back to normal.
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I do have to be careful with some of the cream stylers I use, especially the Curls stuff because those can be a bit much for my hair. But for conditioners, the thicker/richer, the better for me.
Originally Posted by LavenderCurls
Ohhh, that's so true about the Curls cream stylers, because they definitely weigh my hair down. The Curl Junkie Guava one works great for me though. But I think it's quite a bit lighter compared to the Curls ones. I tried the Curls Spiral cream and the Whipped, they were both bad news for my hair.
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07

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