layering & thinning??

are these bad ideas for curlies? i had a new cut today, and she layered it and thinned it out some(i had LOTS of bulk). it looked fairly decent when we left, but within a half hr, it was HUGE. dunno if it was the product(biosilk, and i think curls rock), or its the cut. help, dunno how to keep it from being so BIG.thnks, im trying to like my curls...
curlyhead 3b,3c AND 4a otherwise known as my big mess
Try washing and drying it with your own routine before you decide if you hate it. Every time I leave a salon my hair is twice the size that it actually is when I style it. The first thing I do after getting my hair cut is rewashing and restyling it with my products!
thats what i thought id do too. thnks for the suggetions, so i know im not the only one thinking it.
curlyhead 3b,3c AND 4a otherwise known as my big mess
Thinning can be disasterous unless the stylist is really skilled. I never let anyone thin my hair. Layers, yes, as long as they are long layers and don't come out looking like shelves.

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