Curls That Never End

This is a really intriguing personal essay about the trials and tribulations of growing up with curly hair. It culminates with a funny pilgrimage to meet Ouidad.

Curls That Never End VERY ETHNIC

She hinted of a secret world connected by curls. The Circassian beauties who travelled in PT Barnum medicine shows had something to do with the way the afro became synonymous with black power.
Great article. That sounds just like me.

I never realized this part:

Because our hair is never quite complete we have the myth that it grows on after we ourselves are dead. Its something that defies our own mortality.
I also like what Fmasuhr said in another thread:

I love it cause every day it's so different! sometimes it's nice and tame, but then the next day it'll be massive and wild!
Curly hair is unpredictable...and immortal!!!

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