Flakes from Tress FX / liquidy gels


I have found that liquidy gels work best for me, so I usually use Ouidad Tress FX, Climate Control or other similar things....

it seems no matter how much I use, what brand, etc. It so easily flakes off as soon as its dry. I am constantly rubbing white flakes off my shoulders and clothes. I know it is not dandruff, but everyone around me must think so.

Anyone else struggle with this, or have a solution?

Thank you.
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I have used Tress FX and had the same thing happen to me too. And with other liquidy gels such as B&A Gel and Yanai Van Soft Hold Gel I experienced the same thing.

I just chalked it up to my hair really not liking liquidy gels at all. Because in addition to them causing flakes they would also pull out my curl too.

One thing that you can possibly do to keep the product from flaking up on you is to first apply a hydrating leave-in moisturizer(a moisturizing base) and then apply your liquid gel over it.
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I have a similar problem! I've been using LA Looks Sport Look Gel for a while, and all of a sudden, it's been flaking out on me! I wouldn't even use a lot and I would still get flakes. At first, I thought it was build up problems, but I shampooed yesterday, and I got flakes today. I even stratched my head to see if there was build up, and I had none.

ETA: I have a thread about this. I'll bump it for you!
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