question about beauty supply stores

Are most beauty supply stores like Sally's, where consumers can shop also? Or do you need a cosmetology license? I guess it would depend on the individual stores? There are four beauty supply stores near me (aside from Sally's) and I'm curious to see what hair products they carry

Anyone can shop at Sally's, although I think there are certain things you have to have a license for in order to buy, but they could have changed that rule. Either way, most of the items anyone can purchase.
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It depends on the store. Sally's of course you can buy anything, but I'm sure any of the other stores could let you know with a phone call if you need a license to shop there. Good luck!
Hippiechic is right, there are some that only sell to cosmetologists, they usually carry salon brands exclusively whereas Sally's carries only the most common ones plus certain popular brands and their own. The ethnic beauty supplies usually sell to the public. It's really best to give them a call or if you're passing by just stop and ask.
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Trade Secret is the only local beauty supply store I know of and it's open to the public.

I agree, just give them a call and ask.
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