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sherry7899 01-16-2007 05:12 PM

peach/citrus extract in VO5 and Suave conditioners
I went to Big Lots today, and they had VO5 moisture milk peaches and cream and Suave Citrus smoothie. I"d read about people having good luck with curl formation using products with peach extracts.

Has anyone used these for co-washes? How about for a regular conditioner?


lushaholic 01-16-2007 05:16 PM

I use all my Suave conditioners for co-washing because they just don't cut it for me as regular conditioners. I loved the Peach Mango condish, but they discontinued that one. The Citrus Smoothie was ok for me, but not one of my favorites, though I might pick up some more since they stopped making the Peach-mango.

medusahair 01-16-2007 06:05 PM

I can only use suave for a regular condish in the summer and only if I leave some in. Generally they're great for co wash though.
I'll have the citrus smoothie Friday. I already rotate and use diff suave ones for the co wash along with some White rain (not all of them are safe but the ones I use are) and vo5

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