New to Color hair . Naturally Curly Prevent Split Ends

Hi everyone,

I have naturally curly hair and I havent relaxed my hair in over 5 years.

I colored my hair for the first time in about 7 years,

I got bored of the same look and I needed some color again

Now I am asking about split ends. I am afraid of them.

I go to a dominican salon.

When I left the salon my hair was so nice. but now that I am home, the friz has taken control!

I wanted to buy the monocarran oil but she was sold out. So I purchased Cristalli de Lino Linseed Oil from Insight (Rolland Una) its blue. She advised that its just as good.

So I never wrap my hair, so everyone is telling me that once I start wrapping it and keep it wrapped it will not friz as much and it will be tammed.

She cut my split ends, but I think I still have a few left.

Once she cuts the rest. What should I do to keep it off

Will coloring my hair promise me split ends?

I have a base and a highlight.

I also purchased a Hai Titanium Flat iron.

As you can tell, I am trying do what I have to do.

I just colored my hair on Saturday.

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