When I first got my JBCO I loved it! I used it once a week at first and my hair felt so silky smooth the next few days.. then I started to use it more often, until I used it every other night. Well, my hair began shedding. When I used JBCO I would also do the greenhouse effect and wear a baggy overnight to amplify the moisture. My hair began to shed and I stopped using JBCO for a while...unless my scalp was really dry and then I would just apply it to dry spots.
I decided that I'm going to try using it again, because my hair thrived when I baggied, but do yall have any suggestions about how often? My scalp needs the moisture more than my hair does, but I can't use it too often or ill start to shed excessively I'm also open to using something besides JBCO! (even tho I'm in love)

How often do yall baggy? And what products do you use when you do?

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fine, thin?
high porosity