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hi everyone i am letting my hair grow natural, my type of hair is 3c, i was wondering if there are extentions that can match my hair type?? , i want to have extentions brasillian style. i was searching and asking friends and they have told me that wont cause damage to my hair but i am not sure and i want to know what you think about it.
there's not many that look like natural curls, and you'll probably have to order online (which might be a little hard to match your hair type because you can't see them in person) i found these extentions, &they're really pretty, but you'll havr to sew in your own clips..
i don't know what your curls look like, so that hair might not match it, you might be able to find some if you just google them?

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thanks for ur reply, so does are the one u are using right now?? what method did u get done. i want it to look as natural as possible, but dont know if it will look like that cause my hair and the hair extentions may not match. is easy to get hair extentions when ur hair is straight lol
I actually don't have any, but i'm going to br getting some. Probably from this website
the firsy one might be more close to your hair type, i recommend you just buy clips and sew them on the hair &do clip ins, because curly hair is so thick you probably won't be able to tell that they're clip-ins.. don't glue them in, curly hair + glue = NO!

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hi thanks i am not thinking to clue then, that will be a big mistake, i want the extentions in the brazilian style, thats when they take the hair in sections and tie the extentions, so i wont damage my hair and my real hair will grow healthy.
That sounds like a good idea, they'll look really natural that way.

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Milky way Human Hair Water Wave weave matches 3c hair pretty well. I bought a pack and made them into clip ins last year.
Type 3c/4a, Shoulder-length curly, BSB/BSL straight

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