In shock....

Just had my hair cut.

Um. She thinned my hair. I think thats what it's called. When they take a section of hair and sort of run the scissors down it, opening and closing them slightly as they go.

This hairdresser has never done that to me before - I'm not a regular but I have had a nice cut of her in the past.

She just did one side before I even knew what was happening and I was like. ****. I couldn't have one side thinned and not the other so I didn't say anything and I'm never very good and telling hairdressers no. Im very concerned that my hair is going to just be one big frizzball.

And its short. Very very short. Which I don't actually mind - but its ALOT shorter at the back, its barely reaching the nape of my neck and that brushed out from the hairdressers. Its gonna curl up (if the thinning hasn't damaged my curls permanently). But still long at the front.

Im kinda... Im not the kind of girl to freak out over short hair or a bad hair cut (had too many now) but I am a little... concerned, or panicked about how bad this is going to look.

I need to sit down.
I hate when hair dressers do that!!!!!! I had 1 thin my hair bc 'she was tired of dealing with it being so thick' I was pissed!!! And my hair has never been the same since

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What you described sounds more like layering than thinning to me, but I could be misinterpreting. Either way, I'm sorry you got a haircut you're unhappy with.
oh dear...take a deep breath co wash and style as you normally would then post some pics. If needed, next time write down how you want your hair cut and hand it to the stylist if you feel a little shy about speaking up. I've been there before for sure. I've watched in horror as they proceed to do NOTHING that I asked but it's too late when the damage is done. I never go bk try to find a new stylist. Now I have a friend who sorta gets it but still doesn't do what I ask exactly LOL The good news is I just go home and retouch it myself and just hope for the best. Still searching for that magical fairy stylist who actually listens to me!
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I always have layers in my hair - trust me, this was not layering.

After me styling it. Its been shampooed today so that doesn't help, but yeah, my lengths are all over the place.

You can't see it so well in this picture but the hair at the front falls past my shoulders. You can see it falls quite a bit longer before the line of my shoulders cut it out.

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