haircut, DEVA or 45 degree layers?

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I struggle with whether I should continue to get DEVA cuts. I love how it looks fresh, but two months later I feel my hair gets stringy.

I read here that 45 degreeangle, long layers is what I should request if I get a regular cut.

Anyone had success without the DEVA? Anyone get the 45 degree layers?
*Shampoo - Tresemme Naturals (low sulfate) once every week or two.
*Conditioner - DEVA One (used for co-wash too). Yes To Carrots conditioner.
*Leave in - Garnier Fructis Clean styling cream & gel (DEVA gels are hit or miss depending on the weather. ULTA medium hold gel is also silicone free).
*Other likes - DEVA moisture lock spray, Ducks Clips (spray with gel first), diffuse 30 - 40%.
Have you a copy of the new edition of Massey's "Curly Girl" (book)? It has a DVD in it which shows how to do a touch-up trim on an existing Deva haircut. The book also has pictures and written instructions.
This seems like it would be perfect for you, if you like and can afford Deva cuts, but find them not growing out to your tastes.
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