How to thoroughly apply product?

I have thick hair so it's hard to make sure product is evenly applied to my hair. Whenever my hair is dried, there is a lot of frizzy/undefined parts of my hair due to not being applied with product, and it's irritating because the parts with product applied look much better, and I can never get product thoroughly applied to all of my hair! So does anyone know of any methods to get product thoroughly applied to thick hair?
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I hear that! My hair is mad thick and poofy. I always end up applying a ton of product just to make sure its all covered, otherwise i end up with weakly-formed, dense thick "waves." Using a lot of product seems to work more or less, but I'd also like to know if theres a better way.

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Do you apply product to your hair in sections? I have very dense hair so I will section off the bottom, then the middle, then the top layer to make sure everything gets product on it.
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Im super dense so i clip my hair in sections. Then in each section I apply, let some hair fall down then apply to it. This is the only way I can make sure all the hair gets coated and not just the top hair
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I have to make sure and coat each hair with product. In order to get all the hair, I have to divide and conquer. Clip hair in various sections and handle each section individually.
How to Section Hair - wikiHow
The only way I have been able to get product on all my hair is the rake n shake method

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I agree with the ladies that say do it in sections. You'll probably find that you use less product with better results.

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