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shizzlebeans 12-20-2011 03:28 PM

Real or fake curls for wedding?
I recently got engaged (yaaaay!) and am starting to think about how I want my hair for the wedding. I have 2c hair and a routine I am pleased with, and I would love to use my natural waves as they are. I want to just do a small feathered fascinator and little birdcage veil so my hair options are pretty wide open. I am thinking of a partial up do, which I might be able to do myself if I get some practice over the next year. Sadly, I feel like in order for any pros I know to do a good job, I need to give them a blank, straight canvas and let them use their curling irons. Otherwise they always just seem to frizz up my natural hair trying to move it around. Ceremony and reception are indoors, and wedding is in the fall so the humidity shouldn't affect anything.

I'm a tad hung up on the idea that my "every day hair" wouldn't be special enough for The Big Day, even though I really do like my hair as it is, and I get a lot of nice compliments on it.

What have you guys done, and how did it work out? Would love to see pics of natural waves and curls on brides, if you have them!

Rednaturalcurls 12-20-2011 03:55 PM

First, congrats! Second, I did my own hair for my wedding. I debated letting someone do it and even had a consultation but ultimately they wanted to straighten and use the curling iron and that is totally not me. I know what works best for my hair so I found it better to do myself. Luckily I had already had some practice with updos so it wasn't too bad and when I look at my wedding pics, I feel like that is the real me.

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IAgirl 12-21-2011 11:36 AM

I have no idea what the feathers and fascinator and birdcages are. But then I am so not into weddings. Congrats on getting engaged!!! Having seen your beautiful waves on the 2s board I'll say this:
Fix them yourself and don't let a stylist touch them! Your hair is so freakin' pretty on its own and a half-updo would be a perfect, polished touch. You're going to want your hair well off your face. There are some moments far too delicious to justify having anything but your beloved in your line of sight.

Your everyday hair is special enough. You can always have an emergency curling iron on hand in case a piece of hair doesn't cooperate.

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