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DaiseeDay 12-21-2011 03:16 AM

Is There A Product Similar To Quidad Climate Control Gel -
- but with better ingredients?

I got a sample of the Moisture Lock leave-in conditioner and the CCG and I got fantastic results with them. Defined curls, but my hair was SOFT. First day that is - on the second day I notice that my hair is hard, like I overused protein or something. My hair is fine, so I would expect it to like protein, but I guess since it's also low-porosity it doesn't. I don't know if it was the wheat amino acids (protein I think) in the ingredients, or just all of the cones and polyquat.

I'm about to place a Curl Junkie order, so can anyone recommend a styler, maybe from there, that gives you defined, yet soft curls?

I've already tried KCCC by the way, and while I like it, it leaves my hair a bit hard. My hair is weird and I guess because of it's fine strands it gets a little hard even with me just leaving in a regular conditioner (Sauve Naturals) as a styler. It's rare for me to get soft definition like with the Quidad CCG. The texture of it was runny, not thick, so maybe that helped.

DaiseeDay 12-22-2011 07:38 PM

Ok so, the Curl Junkie Curl Queen sounds just like it. It has a lot of protein like the Quidad Climate Control.

I think I was wrong about my hair not liking protein anyway, so I might order the Curl Queen. Maybe it was the feeling of silicone on my hair that I'm not used to.

Can anyone tell me the consistency of the Curl Queen? I don't like thick gels.

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