Hi everyone!!! I am a new here, and I really need some help. I am so frustrated. Last year I moved from humid Russia to extremely dry Idaho. All my life I had great 3b hair. I never used any special treatments for my hair and it just always looked perfect. After I moved to Idaho, I've been having a bad hair day EVERY SINGLE DAY ever since!!! my hair seems like it has never been curly, it just looks horrible! I would say it is 2a now. I have been trying so much stuff, nothing seems to work! After washing it, my hair looks ok, but the moment I leave the house, it gets all wilted and looks so thin. Styling it does not help either, hairsprays, mousses - nothing works!!!!!!!!!!In addition (and i never had this problem before) it is extremely staticy! Please, please help! What can I do??? I am really desperate. I want my beautiful hair back!