Rag/Sock Curls

So...I have 2b-ish curls. Sometimes, they're amazing, but right now they're losing their shape, are super frizzy, and pretty dry. Ugh

I read about rag/sock curls, and it sounds awesome! Basically, you wrap your wet hair around a rag or sock and sleep on it, and in the morning you get beautiful curls, like in this: Vixen Vintage: How to do rag curls

I really want to try this!! I would want to do this every time I wash my hair to get curls like these. I just want to know if I did this regularly if that would be bad for my hair or if it would work as a styler. Would it damage my hair, or could it do it regularly?

I don't think it would cause any damage at all.
3b in South Australia.

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