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Good morning,
I wanted to share a very ignorant status I read on FB yesterday.
It said "if your hair is not naturally wavy or if you know you do not have good hair then natural is not the look for you"
I commented and this is how the convo went:
Me: could you define "good hair?"
Him: if your hair looks like a shag and feels like pins and needles you don't have good hair.
Me: you know you might wanna do a little research on natural hair. Hair in the natural sense is "good" when its healthy. Don't get caught up in waves and length because that doesn't necessarily mean its healthy. You could learn a lot with a little research. Hell I've been natural almost 5 months and I learn something new everyday.
Him: nah you don't understand her hair looked like a matted ball on her head. I should have taken a pic.
Me: maybe you just saw her when her hair shrunk and was a little dry. It happens to me everyday.
Him: No it looked like dreads. If I would have gotten a pic you would understand.
Me: how do you go from a matted ball to dreads? I think you just wanna talk about someone.
Him: it looked like a matted ball of dreads. Lol
Me: smh boy stop! I'm done with this convo.
I just thought he sounded too ignorant.
He then posted another status hinting that he was upset about the previous statuses comments but I could care less. You can't insult people when you're the one ignorant to the subject matter then get mad cause no one was in agreeance with you.
Ok I'm done. I just had to share.

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Good for you for telling him off! It seems like people are quick to think 'someone else will take care of it' when something offensive happens, but I think confronting it is the best policy. The person being picked on may not be able to stand up for themselves (no confidence, no support, etc). I would want someone to stand up for me if I was being made fun of in such a rude/ignorant way.

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