What would you do to get this style?

What would you do after washing your hair?

I have 3b hair
Well, the woman in the photo looks like she has curled her entire head and then lightly combed it out. She also probably teased her hair for more volume. I would guess that since you have 3b hair, it would take some raking in product (I'm thinking something like LOOB...L'Oreal Out of Bed Texturizing Gel-Cream) and maybe upside down diffusing for volume? And maybe lightly using a pick on dry hair. Her hair looks very perfect and EXTREMELY made up and messed with, meaning that definitely doesn't look like her natural hair. You might have to go through a good amount of manipulation with your hair to get it to look like that.

I hope someone else with 3b-ish hair can give you some suggestions, too!
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