How does your hair react to winter weather?

Over the past few weeks my curls have gotten waaayyy tighter and drier. I always thought curls were supposed to loosen up in the winter and get tighter in the summer, but I guess I was wrong. What do you do to deal with your hair during winter? Also, if anyone has any advice on how to take care of my new 3b hair, that's be great I have a lot of trouble getting all the strands to align, resulting in a rough surface.
I have no wisdom to offer, but I wish I had that problem. Mine is virtually straight since summer ended, and very dry. No amount of conditioning or treatments seem to be helping
I haven't really noticed too much of a difference. I"m not sure if it's just the way my hair is or that it hasn't been that cold in North Carolina. My scalp is definitely dry and flaky since summer ended but that has been it so far.
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My hair definitely gets less bouncy during the winter, and it gets a little less curly. Let's just say it's easier to get my hair nice and full and curly in the summer than it is in the winter! Also, my hair gets drier in the winter. The one thing I always seem to come back to in the winter is sealing with some kind of oil or butter and layering my products! In the summer, I usually just use gel, and that's it. Really simple. In the winter, I use a few gels or stylers layered on top of one another. Right now, I'm "sealing" with Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, using KMFUM or AVG as a curl-enhancer, and topping with EcoStyler Krystal as my gel. I'm getting pretty good results using that.

I hope that helps you a little! Good luck with your hair.
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Because I live on Mississippi's gulf coast, the humidty dies down some in the winter, making my curls feel really smooooth.. i love it. No frizz, just slick... But i am sure if someone from up north were to come to this area in the winter the humidity would be killing them still... but im used to it

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