Suggestions to replace Aussie Sprunch Spray

I have long curly hair... rather loose ringlets. I always get compliments on it. But sadly, the product that I have used for about 15 years has come to an end.

Aussie changed the formulation of its Sprunch Spray about two years ago. The new formula really has no sprunch power, it leaves a soapy feeling on the hair -- and they took away the pretty signature purple smell.

I ran around town buying up every bottle of the old formula I could find... and now I'm down to my last bottle.

I like to use a mouse and the sprunch spray on my hair when it's wet and a little more to hold the style when it's dry. Because my hair is heavy and long, it needs the extra help to keep the ringlets springy all day. (more than just a de-frizzer)

Have you ever experimented with a gel of some sort? There are lots of awesome gels out there that will give you nice hold to help your curls stay nice and in place. And if you don't want to change product brands, Aussie makes some really nice gels that lots of curlies here like (and they aren't expensive, so that's always awesome). I tried the Instant Freeze gel and really liked it. Also, the Sprunch spray is basically a hairspray, no? So, maybe you'd like to experiment with different hairsprays to get the hold you want. (I personally am not a big hairspray fan, but I love my gel -- so, I don't really have any hairspray recommendations, ha ha!)

I hope you find something great that works well.
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