Is rubbing your scalp with silicones a bad idea?

If you're not rubbing it with shampoo either?
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I don't understand why you would be rubbing your scalp with silicones. Silicones are meant to seal the hairshaft, so if you're using them, it would only be on the surface area of your hair.
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Regardless of why you're doing it, without removing those silicones you would be suffocating your scalp. That is NOT good.

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As long as it's not irritating to your scalp I'd think it would be fine. Most lotions for your skin have 'cones so I can't think of a reason why it would be a problem. Skin renews itself pretty regularly, couple of times a month or so. So the cones should be shed with the exccess skin.
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If you're not rubbing it with shampoo either?
Originally Posted by dumplings_of_doom
If you are not using sulfate shampoos to cleanse your hair/scalp and you rub cones on your scalp, there's a chance you may be using a non-water soluble cone, therefore you are going to get MASSIVE MASSIVE build up.
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