Couple questions - baking soda, acv, etc

Hey there!

I've been curly girl for awhile, then somewhat fell off the bandwagon when I went to Africa and just had to do whatever I had to do to get through life with hair.

I'm back to complete CG now, though, and I just have some questions.

I've lately been trying to do with as little product as possible, just to see how my hair does, and to give it a little break for awhile (while I wait to see if my Mom is going to buy me KCKT and KCCC for my birthday... ).

I've been using Baking Soda once or twice a week mixed with a lot of water to wash my hair. Then, I do an ACV rinse (sometimes also adding honey). One of my first questions is this: How often is too often with the ACV rinse? And, if I can't do it every time I'm in the shower, what's an alternative?

And then kind of the same question with the Baking Soda.

Then, another thing I've done a couple times recently has been to add an LI over the ACV rinse, and then plop, and then scrunch in some BRHG. It gets good curl and good definition, but with a lot of frizzies. Is this not enough conditioning, too much ACV/Baking Soda/my hair not liking BRHG/all of the above/etc?

And then also, anytime I ever apply products, I always always apply them while my hair is soaking wet, unless it's something I can just scrunch in.

How do you do it if you don't apply them soaking wet. If you have to rake something through your hair when it's not completely wet, doesn't that break up your curl pattern?

My hair likes product going in on soaking wet hair, but then after I plop and flip my head right-side-up, the hair on the sides likes to stay somewhat "up", like in the upside down position...does that make sense? So, then I have these wonky wings on the side of my head. But if I don't apply products while upside down, my crown is completely flat. Sigh....the issues I have! :P

A little help perhaps?

(Oh, and as an aside, I've been a member on for a couple years, but I hadn't signed in for awhile and couldn't remember my username or password. So...I created a new one. Hi, again! )

I don't have too many, if any, answers to your questions....sorry, but I can provide you with some info as to where to look. I recently started to do the baking soda thing too. I've read anywhere from only once a month to one or twice per week. So who knows! But if you go into the "search" and type in Baking soda and ACV rinse you'll find some threads on it. I also have found a lot of good information on the website

Hope that helps. Oh yea, I always do better if I put my product on with soaking hair. I have found the same problem when I have "plopped" Therefore, I really don't do it anymore. Instead, I just use the same towel that i'd plop with and squeeze out some of the excess water. I do wonder though, how much of the product comes out when we do that (or plop). Anyway, Good luck!!!
I've wondered the same about baking soda and acv, so I cant really help there. As for plopping I've had the same issue and I find (sometimes) if I just leave it alone the "wings" will settle down on there own into a normal looking position as my hair dries. If not, then I can gently rearrange sections once its dry. Then again I have long hair, so that might be due to the weight of those pieces. I've watched a few different videos on plopping and most of the successful ones I've seen, their hair is styled in the style they want to wear it before they plop.

I've also had moderate success with holding the hair on the top and sides of my hair against my head as I lean down to plop, making sure the length and curl are more behind my head instead of directly on top. This has helped with some of the funkier looks of upside down hair. I've always wondered though if using clips or barrettes would work better as this tends to make the very front part of my head too flat and I don't get the nice volume I get from a full hair on top of head plop.
Thanks, curlies!

I have pretty long hair, too . . . previously to my waist, and now just a bit longer than BSL. And yes, the wings do settle down a bit because of the weight of my hair, but they're still never just nice proper curls. But, any other method I've ever tried leaves me with a very flat top--not particularly attractive.

Another question!

When you use FSG, do you rake it into soaking wet hair? Before or after conditioner (specifically a leave-in). Then scrunch the water out? Layer with something else on top of it? Scrunch in after plopping? Methods!
I have hard water and find I need to clarify every couple of weeks to get rid of mineral deposits on my hair, and I've used baking soda /acv rinses and brown sugar scrub /acv rinses for the purpose. I do mix the baking soda or brown sugar with condish, not water when I use them, so they're basically added into my cowash step. I use 1Tbsp baking soda to 3 Tbsp condish, cowash with it, rinse, condition, ACV rinse, LI, and gel.

Both baking soda and acv can be drying if used too often. I've found that every 2 weeks is no problem for my hair. I'd say if twice a week baking soda /acv rinses aren't causing your hair to turn dry, frizzy, or otherwise rebel, then stick with what's working for you.

What's causing the frizz? Possibly "all of the above". If your routine's Baking Soda rinse, ACV rinse, LI, gel, you might be getting frizz because you need more moisture. BRHG has hydrolyzed silk protein fairly high in the ingredients list, which could cause frizz if your hair is protein sensitive. It also has propylene gycol and panthenol high up in the ingredients list. They're both humectants, and if you're having winter weather now, they could be causing your frizz. Humectants pull moisture from wettest to driest, and in the winter, in a gel, that's often from your well-moisturized hair and into the super dry air. Another possibility is that you need more gel than you're using to effectively control the frizz.

So, make one change at a time, so you know exactly what worked to fix it, or what didn't.
1. More conditioner if you suspect dryness is causing frizz.
2. Switch to a protein free gel if you think you may be protein sensitive.
3. Switch to a low or no humectant gel if it's winter and you think this is your culprit.
4. Try more gel and/or pay good attention to making sure every strand is coated with gel if you think you're frizzing due to product application or amount issues.
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So I just took a shower, co-washed with suave coconut, used GDLI, lots of FSG, and now I'm plopping. I shall be adding some BRHG soon and then diffusing until almost dry, at which point I shall add a little more gel and then head out the door to all day staff meetings. Hope it works!

Does anything in this routine sound amiss? It's a new one for me.
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So, my hair is somewhat stringy, some good curls, not frizzy but not nice sleek curls. Blah.

Mostly just not nice.
I have hard water and find I need to clarify every couple of weeks to get rid of mineral deposits on my hair, and I've used baking soda /acv rinses and brown sugar scrub /acv rinses for the purpose. I do mix the baking soda or brown sugar with condish, not water when I use them, so they're basically added into my cowash step. I use 1Tbsp baking soda to 3 Tbsp condish, cowash with it, rinse, condition, ACV rinse, LI, and gel.
Originally Posted by Geek_Chic
I have not started a routine, yet. I am starting this weekend after my final (not desired, honestly can not be avoided/scares the crap out of my current hair state) color correct. I just spent 2 hours reading information on these topics and wanted to say... You gave great advice, start to finish, and advice I will be keeping in the forefront of my mind while starting CG in winter. Now if I could only decipher the mixed messages my hair is sending about proteins.

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