Beyonce: un'altra settimana no.1 con "4", e nuove performances

hi perviously ordered lace wig in this style and it came back a very tight perm, the curls no where near as loose as Beyonces, the texture was also alot smoother and finer than Beyonces. when the wigs were washed the curls fell completly and i was left with wavy noodles :'(

can anybody advise the what curl and hair type she actualyl has so i can order the wig again?

iv researched loads and i think closest i cud match it to was deep wave, loose spiral curl or afro curl, but still none match exactly the loose corkscrew she has :S

also hair type?i had indian last time and as it was processed/lightened/permed it became very weak, probs why the curls just fell out, what hair would be best?

i hope you can help as iv asked on many sites with no luck. thanks