What do you think of my curly hair youtube video?

Please tell me what you think. Also can you give me some ideas of what to do next. I have some ideas of my own but i wantto see what you guys think! CurlWhirl1's Channel - YouTube
I thought it was just ok. I think you should have described what you were doing more and maybe secured your bun with clips or something. Also the lighting wasn't great. It was a bit overexposed.

But you're cute and your hair is nice so keep at it! Maybe in your next video, you could go through your curly hair routine from cleansing to styling, etc.
Sort of CG sometimes, but not really
2B, medium? normal porosity and elasticity?

Cleansers -
Suave Clarifying, Philosophy Happy Birthday Beautiful

Stylers - BRHG, re:coil, Ion Hairspray

I live in the NYC area.

Hard to see, but nice and simple! I like when hairstyle tutorials have a high resolution picture of the style at the beginning and end of the video, because I want to see what the finished look will be first so I can decide if I really want to watch the whole video.
I'm always looking for more product reviews and tutorials!
CG since 12/01/2010!
2c/3a thin BSL hair
Wish my hair was longer and fuller but it breaks off like crazy!
Yeah like the others said, you should make a video on your hair routine, your favorite products that you use, reviews on specific products, etc!
2c/3a some 3b/Thick/Fine texture?/High Porosity
Currently trying out the CG method again as of 1/3/12!

Current Routine:
Co-wash/RO: Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle
Low poo: Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat (when needed)
Products: LA Looks Sports Gel and Curly Kinks Coil Jam

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