Deep treatment question

I am really embarrassed asking this question but i here it goes
When you do a deep treatment do you: 1) wet hair and apply deep treatment or apply to dry hair and then condition only; 2) clean hair (no sulfate shampoo) first then apply deep treatment; and/or 3) wet hair, deep treatment, cleanse then condition?

I am sure it is a really simple answer but .......

Oh and i am thinkin of being adventurous and mixing 3 egg yokes with some olive oil. dont sure if this will change how i do my deep treatment.

When I do DT's, I always wash my hair first, whether it be co-wash, No-Poo, Low-Poo, or ACV rinse. Then I do the DT instead of my regular conditioning step. Some people actually do it the other way around, but this is how it works best for me.
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I wet my hair, towel dry it, apply the deep treatment. Then, I shampoo and condition as usual (after waiting about 10 minutes for the treatment to do its thing).

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