Hey Curlies!

Tracey here! So, as the new year begins, I have quite a full plate of desires and goals for NaturallyCurly's content in 2012. I've been sitting here this past week (all of two days!) making a list of all the things I want to make the website experience better for you and as my list grows, I realize - wait, I'm forgetting an important part of the community - you know, the ACTUAL COMMUNITY!

So, here I am, ladies. You tell me what you want to see from the content in 2012. We have a lot planned for y'all this year like monthly themes, interviews with celebrities, giveaways, customized content and more - but I would hate to go on this adventure without the support and even without the guidance of the community that has made this website what it is.

Please feel free to let me know what you say in 2012 that you liked (we released new templates and began forcusing on individual hair types rather than more general articles - yay or nay? for example) and even the things in 2012 that you didn't like (maybe you want to see more types of specific content, maybe you think we need more expert insight from industry leaders like Ouidad and Deva). Seriously, tell me all!

This month we are building out the content 2012 plan and I will be bringing all of your feedback with me to those meetings to make sure that what we decide on is not only what we think is in your best interest, but that it actually is in your best interest!

To give you a start, here a couple things from my list that you may (or may not!) agree with:

- User ratings on content
- Easier sharing features
- Feedback option on content (sent directly to content team)
- Easier comment ability on articles
- Interactive & PERSONALIZED mods
- Pulling in FB to help personalize and locate
- RSS feeds pulling #naturalhair #curlyhair #wavyhair etc.

What ya think, curlies? Help an editor out? Let's make this year the BEST content year for NC.com by focusing on the info that curlies really need and want so that we can truly empower all curls, kinks and waves!