I know glycerin will cause frizz for me in the winter and I am thinking propylene glycol is problematic too.

I am wondering if something like Amodimethicone would be a good barrier to prevent loss of moisture in dry air/low dews. I have very fine hair so I can't handle too much oil in leave in products which is why I am thinking of a cone.

I generally avoid cones especially cyclomethicone or Cyclopentasiloxane which are evil for my hair. I can handle some dimethicone in s/c. I do wash daily with a sulfate shampoo so build up shouldn't be an issue.
Using FIA: 2b/2a mix with a few ringlets in the canopy, straighter in the under layer by my neck. Thin in density, fine strands. Normal porosity. Hennaed.

Go To's: Aveda, Lush

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