3B pixie cut?

So, I recently got a bad bleaching, love the color but loss hair and curl. I've been using a deep conditioner and protien treatments. I co-wash and use a ph blance shampoo every two weeks. I need to cut away the damage and I don't know if a pixie cut would be a good option. I also like the inverted bob cut, I think I have a heart/ round shap face. Help me curlies! I killed my hair


Pixie cuts are tons of fun but they can take some getting used to if you've never had short hair. They can also be a pain in the rear to grow out. That doesn't mean you shouldn't get one though!! Maybe talk with your stylist first before making any major decisions. You can always go shorter slowly and see how you like it before chopping it all off. Good luck!!!!!
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I agree with hippiechick, I loved my pixie cuts when I had them, but growing them out is awful! But they are super low maintenance and fun while you have them! Inverted bob is where I went after my pixie cut and it is much easier to grow out from that if you don't like it, also low maintenance, or at least quicker dry time. I straightened at that time and now have longer inverted bob and am struggling with winter curls, so you would still have to work with your curls with the bob, but hopefully not as many tangles and long hair taking hours to dry. Good luck!
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