Curls in commercials...

Ok. So I have this crazy habit of pointing out anytime I see a commercial with an actress wearing curly or "natural" hair. Sitting here right now I just saw a Huntz tomoto sauce commercial with not 1 but 2 natural girls in the same commercial. LOVES IT!!! I also love the wet mop commercial with the bouncy curls dancing around. My partner and 2 year old daughter are sick of me pointing it out to them so Im going to point them out on here intstead . Hope you guys dont mind...RR
I just saw a diabetic insulin pen commercial and the mother and her daughter both had naturally curly hair. The daughter did for sure, the mom I think could have not been hers...the jury is still out on her. The third daughter had hers flat ironed though. RR
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watching Nick Jr with my lil one and just saw a station commercial with an African American family and both mom and daughter have beautiful curls. Mom had short short shiny curls and 3 year old daughter had beautiful "pineapple" curls. LOVES IT!!! RR
Richie Roman Hairstylist..."A Curls Best Friend"...
DJ Lance Rock on Yo Gabba Gabba rocks a fro as many of you know. His sister was on an episode and she rocked a huge light fro. I dont know if its hers or a wig, but I love that it gets the kids talking about how big and how pretty and "fluffy" her hair is. She kind of has a 70's foxy brown feel to her...I think I love her... RR
Richie Roman Hairstylist..."A Curls Best Friend"...
LOL I do the same thing! I'm surprised no one has responded to your post
LOL I do the same thing! I'm surprised no one has responded to your post
Richie, is that a pic with you and Tabatha!? I am totally obsessed with her!!!!!!!!
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Okay, a golden buffett place has a commercial where a couple jumps out of the moving car. The wife has a beautiful short twist out. Also theres an online shoe store commercial where they show an office corporate setting and there is a beautiful African American woman wearing short 2 strand twists. About 3 inches long. LOVE IT.
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yes Hippie thats Tabatha. I love her. Was on her first season of her show. Still chat with her often. Shes everything you see on the show and more!

I have always noticed curly hair in commercials. For a long time I would go days in between seeing someone with curly hair on tv. Now its sooooooo much better. I even buy books for my little girl with curly haired characters and cartoons in all shades of color.

I just saw a diet bar commercial where this beautiful blonde woman is strutting through town and people are telling her "you go healthy" and she has GOREGOUS blonde bouncy curls!!!
Richie Roman Hairstylist..."A Curls Best Friend"...
I've always noticed when black women and children are used in commercials they almost always have natural or naturally curly hair. I think it's pretty cool considering the exact opposite is true for most other forms of media.
Hey Richie it's Mimi. I've noticed all the naturals as well. I don't usually say anything but my hubby wud say "hey Mimi that lady has ur hair."

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Hey Mimi. I know youre a curly nut like me!
Richie Roman Hairstylist..."A Curls Best Friend"...

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