PT/DTs how much product?

So, it's becoming clear to me that I really use too much product in general these days now that my hair is in much better condition and am cutting back on the amount of my gels and conditioners. But I'm not sure how much is right for my PTs and DTs? I use CJ Repair Me and Curl Rehab. Do you use a quarter size of each when you do them, more? Last time my hair was incredibly soft but oh so droopy. I did a PT followed by a DT, but I really slathered it on each time.
The CJ Repair Me is so moisturizing, I don't need to do a DT after I use it. I just use a moisturizing rinse out. If your hair is limp, you probably don't need to DT either. Because I use moisturizing PT and richer products, I haven't done a DT in YEARS!

When I do a PT, I dampen my hair and use a few small blobs of PT. I comb it through with a wide tooth comb. It all depends on how it "spreads" as to how much I use.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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Start with small amounts and if you feel like your hair isn't covered then just add more. I try to squeeze out a bunch of excess water before applying the PTs and DTs because otherwise you're wasting product since it becomes diluted.
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