I've done a lot of research, now a few more questions?

ITA with CurlyFirehorse and RBB. Hair journaling is super helpful when you're wondering why your fave mousse doesn't seem to be working anymore, why your usual products aren't giving you the usual results, what you did a couple weeks ago to get the awesome hair everyone was complimenting you on, or even when you did your last DT /PT. I journal any day I've done something to my hair, be it wash day, or adding something for 2nd day hair. The only thing I would add is to keep track of the dewpoints in your hair journal too. I usually skip the weather report and just use the Frizz Forecast here on nc.com (on the left side of the main page). It even tells you what to do to cope with the day's dewpoint. Since I don't need a minute by minute dewpoint, I click through to the 5 day, then copy /paste the info. into my journal (temperature, humidity, dewpoint).
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I have no advice regarding specific products, but I suggest that you keep a hair diary for a while. Write down exactly what you used, how you used it and how your hair looked. Also, only change one product at a time. HTH.
Originally Posted by CurlyFireHorse
the other thing i would add to this is, if you are keeping a journal (great idea) you also need to pay attention to the dew points!!! this tells you whether the air is trying to grab moisture from your hair, low dew points, or whether it is putting too much moisture in your hair, high dew points. what we use can make a difference!! for example, my summer hg (mid to high dew points) is cj aloe fix gel, i don't even use a leave in. cannot use it once the dew points drop.
there are articles on dew points, it is different from humidity. the dew point is never higher than the temp. hair loves mid dew points 40 - 60.

a good article:

and, here is a weather website that gives dew points along with temps for different times of the day. you just put in your zip code: weather underground.

the other thing is to be aware of not only the dew points outside, but if you are spending your day inside, is the air very dry??

sounds confusing but it really isn't. you don't even need to understand dew points, just what they are for that day!! if glycerin is an ingredient high on the list, it should be avoided in low dew points. glycerin takes moisture from where it can get it -- in mid to high dew points, from the air, in low dew points from our hair!!
Originally Posted by rbb
Thanks so much on the dew point info, I will add that to journal as well.

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