Natural ethnic hair in a professional environment

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So, I had a job interview today. Yesterday I was telling a friend about my interview and she asked, "Well, what are you going to do with your hair?" I told he I was going to wear it just like it was, in a wash n go. She looked at me kind of crazy and just said, "oh."

In the past I had my hair straight the day before an interview and told my mom I was about to wash my hair. She replied, "why don't you wait until after your interview tomorrow?"

So, is natural ethnic hair unprofessional? should I be straightening my hair to go to work or to interviews?
I wouldn't straighten it if you normally wear it curly. I might do a simple up-do or bun if you can, though, but I'd recommend that if your hair is straight too - it just looks more professional to me to have your hair up. *shrugs* just my personal opinion.
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No, ma'am I do not think you should straighten your hair for interviews! Wear professional clothes, be clean, wear natural hair, great look.

I used to think it was better to pull my hair back for interviews but the last two most successful interviews I had, I wore hair loose and still very very slightly wet because I didn't have time to get it completely dry, AND perfume, AND heels that put me at about 6'1".

So based on personal experience, I think it works better to be yourself. If your daily look is professional with natural hair, wear that to interview and you will stand out and shine.
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I think the best bet is a style where your hair isn't hiding your eyes or face. Wash & Gos are professional. I would just use a headband maybe to keep your hair back so you can have eye contact with your future interviewers or supervisors.
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i've worn my hair natural for more than 5yrs now and i've never thought of my appearance as unprofessional, nor has anyone every approached me to say that my hair was a problem. i do work in a corporate environment. i think it's always best to be yourself. i would think that it would be more of a problem to present yourself as someone you're not, then make a drastic change. just do you! be neat and professional and i'm betting all will be well!
I don't think that you need to worry about doing anything different with your hair. I used to straighten my hair for interviews, but then I had a few interviews with women with lovely type 4 hair. That's when I realized I was making a big deal out of nothing. As long as your hair is well-groomed, any texture is fine for the workplace!
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