My Hair may Hate me Tomorrow!

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Okay, I saw some flakes on my hairline, they were in the hair, not on my scalp. I know what they are from! Sometimes I accidentally get moisturizer or cleanser in my hairline!!! Neither of those things are organic in any way, but now I'm thinking of going natural there too. Anyway, I had one lone bottle of a SULFATE shampoo (Herbal Essence), so I did a sulfate wash. Wow, it felt weird, all that squeaking and like a seaweed feeling, but I know it got everything out. Then it was time to do a PT, so I used my Sally's version of k-Pak. I only used a tiny bit, concentrating on the ends. Then I co-washed with Suave Naturals Mango Mandarin (cause it's heavier than V05, and I thought I needed extra moisture). Then I put the GVP Conditioning Balm on and left it in for the rest of my bath (I have a removable showerhead, so I can wash my hair when I take a bath too). I put my leave-in in and combed it through and am done! I hope I did the right thing! lol. I'm nervous and rambling. Who rambles about their hair? Me, I am a HOP, some mentioned "Hair Obsessed Psychos" on another thread, which was funny, so I coined the phrase HOPs. I think this is more of a confession!!! Also, I wondered if any of you have had the problem with flakes from getting cleanser/moisturizer in your hair. I should have just said that last line instead of this long post. Sorry guys! I love this forum, thanks for all your contributions!!!
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*I have learned that sometimes less is more when it comes to my hair*

Sorry I'm going off on a tangent here (I've never had flakes from my moisturiser, luckily, or cleanser in my hair, I use facial wipes), but I do relate to your panic regarding a product being in your hair that you hadn't banked on!

A while ago, I accidentally picked up a bottle of shampoo with silicones in it (my husband's) and proceeded to wash my hair with it. Being CG, I knew straight away that something was amiss when I heard the familiar 'squeak', as you mentioned happened to you, when rinsing my hair. I washed it out with my clarifying shampoo immediately, then co-washed etc. and like you, I was shaking with nerves. I knew deep down it would be alright, but the irrational part of my mind was saying 'you've ruined all your hard work, now you've got to start all over again.' Needless to say, everything was ok and my hair didn't suffer at all.

So, yes, I hold my hands up, I also am a HOP, and a fellow rambler too, lol!
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Another HOP here
I haven't had flakes like that before, but I just sulfate pooed too since my hair was feeling build-up-y. (It seems to do that more in the winter due to heavier products.) I think it is actually a good thing every once in awhile to get all the junk out that may build up. I'm a wavy, so I may have to be more careful of buildup than you, but when I sulfate poo, my hair loves it and is so bouncy after! I think it's just daily sulfate poo and cones over time that hurt, so I wouldn't get nervous over occasional sulfate poos!
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Thank you for your support, fellow HOPs, we should start a club. lol.

My hair looks funny today-the curl is weird, but it is for sure clean. It feels kind of dry because of the PT, which is normal, but since I put a lot of conditioner on last night, it's not as bad as I thought it would be. I won't wash it tonight, so hopefully it will be back to normal when I co- wash Saturday night for church on Sunday.

Thumbs up to all my HOPs!
-3A, fine, very thick, normal por., normal elast., long, dye- free (CG since Nov. '11)
-Low poo (As needed): CVS Argan Oil Renewing Shampoo
-RO: GVP The Detangler
-Styling: LALSG
-PT: ION Effective Care (seldom)
*I have learned that sometimes less is more when it comes to my hair*

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