When I first started plopping it worked so fabulously for me and I was overjoyed. Now it seems to be different somehow, although I haven't changed anything.

Before, it would be that I would take my hair down from the plop (An old t-shirt) and it would be set in nice, bouncy waves (I have 3B hair), and all I would need to do is arrange it and comb out my bangs and then my hair would look amazing once it dried.
Now, when I take it down from the plop, my hair is just a little wavy as is normal when it's wet, but it's pretty much sopping wet and no matter how long I've left it in the plop, the curls don't seem to really 'set' as they did before, and it doesn't dry in clumps.
Before I plop I scrunch a bit of LA Looks sport gel into my hair while it's still dripping wet from the shower, I do the sausage rolls, I haven't changed my plopping routine at all, and it seems to have 'stopped working'... any ideas?