Where do you look for curly hair inspiration?

I like to bring a picture with me to the hair stylist so they have a better idea of what I want. Unfortunately if I search google for curly hair pics I pretty much find the same pictures and the styles are seriously outdated or just plain ugly. A lot of the other styles are people with straight hair that has obviously been curled with a curling iron.

So where do you look for hair inspiration?
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I usually look through the Fotki's of the curlies who hang out here. So many of them have such gorgeous curls and know how to care for them. For the most part though I look for updos, as my hair has a distinct 'personality'(that sounds so stupid to say lol) and most cuts, etc. just won't work for it. So mostly I look at others hair in envy not for inspiration
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There was a COSMOPOLITAN cover a few years ago with a young lady with hair similar to mine, and I've repeatedly shown the picture to my stylist, but it's true that pictures are mostly for inspiration, only. It's difficult to recreate on one head what you see on another, and as my stylist points out, the hair in magazines and on t.v. has been teased, pinned, blown out, curled, etc., so it's particularly hard to recreate that. I just work with what I have, which isn't too bad, I like to think.
I also love looking at everyone's fotki albums. The members here have the best curls!
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I'm with you guys, I get inspiration from everyone's fotki albums. But unfortunately I think my hair is in a world of its own at the moment since its still transitioning. Maybe in another year I can see my true curls! And I maybe be able to find a twin.
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Fotki hair albums and there are a lot of photos on this site. Whenever I see a photo I like, if I can't save it, I bookmark it to print later.
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wen i went i brought a pic of charlize theron she has really pretty short curly hair.
I found this website in my google image search: http://www.curly-hair-styles-magazine.com/ I usually don't get layers or anything special though, so I can just tell my stylist how short to cut it.
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I use photo albums here as my inspiration. I've never taken in a photo, but I guess if I saw one here that I liked, I'd ask the owner if I could take it to a slaon as an example.
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