I have 3a/3b fine hair but my roots won't curl barely wave. So I thought getting a hair cut would help. I went to a salon in Maryland, and got my boob length hair cut just above the shoulders with long layers. But that didn't help my hair actually got less curly.My hair is now past shoulder length. And Applying products upside down helps a little, but I want HUGE hair! Maybe I'm not ment for big hair but any ideas would be really appreciated. Sorry for writing so much its just something I really want.
Length does put weight on the curls, so that could be part of the problem. You don't say what products you use, so it's hard to give advice. My first inclination is protein. I do at least one PT a week (more in warmer weather) and use a lot of products with protein. It helps with definition, frizz and volume.
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Some curlies spray hairspray into their layers as they're styliing... like when they're hanging their head upside down.
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You are beautiful!

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