I can't get Deva Curl to work right!! :(

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Hello! I'm Megan...I'm new to this forum. I am having an issue, and I came here to try to get some advice from some other people with curly hair

I went to the salon a couple months back, got a hair cut and she styled my hair with Deva Curl gel before I left. She diffused it, and I left with the most GORGEOUS curls I've ever had in my life. I decided to buy Deva Curl...I spent $18.95 on it, but seeing as it looked so amazing, I thought it'd be worth it.

Now that I own it, I can't ever get my curls to look right. I've heard things from others who have used Deva Curl and I have still had no luck. I've tried using a bit more product, I've avoided drying my hair, I've avoided brushing through my hair before applying, I've avoided scrunching it until fully dry, etc etc. All these are things I've heard.

Has anyone had good luck with Deva that would be willing to give me some more advice? I'm determined to get this stuff to work...afterall, I spent $20 bucks on it. It's very frustrating!

Thanks for listening and thanks in advance for sharing
P.s. I bought the Deva Curl Arc Angell, if that makes a difference
I used Deva products for about two straight years before I ever heard of CG. One of the first things that I noticed after starting CG was that my technique (or lack thereof in my case) was just as important as the products I used. ArcAngel is the only Deva product I never tried before I went CG, but now it's the only Deva product I still use. I get my best results with this routine:

I co-wash or low-poo and do my RO conditioner. After I rinse I apply about 1/2-1 tsp of my RO as LI. My hair loves curl creams, so I also use one of those (love Re:Coil, but Biotera has a good and cheaper alternative). Then I apply the ArcAngel by raking and scrunching. All of this is done while my hair is very close to sopping wet. Then I plop my hair for about 10-15 minutes (if I remove any excess water from my hair before plopping, I do it with my hands only- t-shirt scrunching seems to mess with my curls). Some days I diffuse, some days I air dry. HTH

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Why not just go back to the stylist that did your hair and ask her to show you what she did when she styled it? Usually stylists are cool about helping you with styling and how to use products since if your hair looks great, then you are a walking billboard for their business...just a thought.
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Perhaps the rest of your products are not up to snuff with the Devacurl ones? Make sure you have a gentle poo like deva curl no-poo, a good moisturizing CO, and a good leave in. Out of curiosity, what else are you using in your hair?

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I have to agree with Corrina777 and WaterLily716... perhaps it's how you are applying it, or how it's interacting with the other products you are using on your hair.

Interesting experiment: months before I purchased any of the Deva products, I read the book and read many of the technique posts here on CurlTalk. I started reading my labels a bit more carefully, and using various techniques outlined in the book and here along with the products I was using at the time (WholeFoods 365 Everyday Shampoo/Conditioner, organic gel and frizz serum). Things that made a HUGE difference: cold water rinsing (IceQueen); applying products to SOAKING WET hair; using microfiber towels or t-shirts; pixie curl diffusing.

When I started using the Deva products, I kept the same type of routine -- but with better products, I got WAY better results... <grin>

I'm experimenting with other styling products (NoPoo and OneC are the best s/c combo I've ever used, so I'm sticking with them), but the gel I keep coming back to is ArcAngel -- I love that stuff and haven't found anything better for my hair so far.

HOWEVER, I have also found that if I use too little OR too much, or if I'm sloppy about how I apply it, or apply it AFTER I've squeezed water out of my hair, then I get pretty crappy results.

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Chances are good that it's technique. Invest another $10 for the book, Curly Girl, by Lorraine Massey, which comes with a DVD. You'll be able to see the techniques in action, and it's chocked full of information.

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