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Oliver Twist 11-05-2003 11:56 AM

Plopping survey - who it works for
If plopping works for you what is your hair type?

:headscratch:headscratch.gif Hope I didn't miss any hair types

WavyFine 11-05-2003 12:43 PM

Plopping seems to work for me, since my superfine, wavy hair needs all the lift it can get at the roots, especially in back.

I put in some gel when my hair is wet, then comb all my hair to the top of my head, to get the biggest clumps of curls I can manage. Then I either pin the curls up on top of my head with duck bill clips for a while, or cover them with a towel (actual plopping). Either way, I only leave it up for about a half an hour or so, then I let it down, arrange my hair a bit, adjust the part, if it needs it, scrunch it gently and slowly (in about four big sections), then let it dry. After it's completely dry, I brush it with a Denman paddle brush to style. (starting at the tips, moving to the roots, to minimize snagging/tangles)

The thing I think that works, plopping-wise, for me, is getting lift at the roots, in the back of my head. Usually, my hair there is much straighter, with little lift. Plopping holds the strands of hair up/away from my scalp, until it's dry right at the roots.

HTHS! :)

mtcurl 11-05-2003 12:45 PM

As an incoherent (2b/3a) my hair is kinda fine, about average thickness, and wavy and curly both. Plopping gives me wonderful spirally curls like I've never seen on my head before, way more 3a. :D Thanks to whoever it was who brought it onto the board. It also gets rid of all the crunchies, no matter which product I dig out of my product graveyard!

brookly 11-05-2003 02:24 PM

plopping works for me...i have average thickness, 2b/3a hair-both wavy and curly. the days i don't plop are terrible

Just Tiff 11-05-2003 04:41 PM

Popping works great for me i am grateful to dicover it since I live in Michigan and winters here are brutal on your hair. Now I don't have to blowdry or leave my house with wet hair anymore.

mitabird 11-05-2003 04:50 PM


Originally Posted by brookly
plopping works for me...i have average thickness, 2b/3a hair-both wavy and curly. the days i don't plop are terrible

Same here! :)

PrudenceP 11-05-2003 05:26 PM

I tried plopping yesterday for the first time. The curls did come out nice but a bit too tight for my tastes. I think I prefer the weight of them being dragged down as it dries more. But I will try it again.

3B hair

Bethann20 11-05-2003 06:04 PM

Plopping works for me, but I'm not any of those hair types. I'm wavy with thick silky/medium texture hair (aka not thin/fine & not coarse). The waves get pulled out if I don't put it in a towel for 10 minutes- but if I just put it in a regular turban, it turns out stringy.

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