Cut The Split Ends

I Have Bad Ends && I Thouqht About Gettinq Them Cut , But Is It Really Necessary ? Does It Really Matter Since My Hair Is Natural ? My Hair Is Gonna Grow Anyways Riqhht. . .

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I'd cut them. If you don't want to cut off a lot at one time, just micro trim until all the splits are gone. My hair is 3b, and on the rare occasion I flat iron it (once a month if that), or go to do a length check, it shows and it looks bad. I guess it just depends on how you personally feel about it, some people never trim and do just fine, but others regularly trim.
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I agree with the above post. It's really about preference. If you're hair is split-prone (mine sure is) then a small trim wouldn't hurt (.5 inches maybe?). I like to dust my hair when I get board (search & destroy basically)

one thing I've learned about getting your hair trimmed: don't let hair stylists bully you into doing something you dont want. The past few times I've gone in to get a "trim" of just the snarly ends I've been bullied into/convinced that .5 inches wasn't enough, oh no, I need to get AT LEAST an inch off, which I always regretted later since I'm growing my hair very long.
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Split ends can tie themselves and other strands of hair up in knots if they're not trimmed.

I have had extremely bad experiences with hairdressers taking off far more than the split ends, so I have a pair of hair shears I got on sale at Sally's, which I use to remove split ends and knots as I come to them, and this has worked really well for me.

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I Hate Goinq To Get Them Cut Because The Black Hairdressers Get Scissor Happy Because My Hair Is Lonq And They Cut To My Shoulders Which Is Horrible. I Tried To Cut My Own Split Ends But I Guess That Doesnt Work For My Because I Dont Know How To Do It But I Dont Want Hairdressers Doinq It

Been CG Since Jan 5 2012
CoWash: Vo5 Strawberries And Cream
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Gels: KCCC && BRHG
Type: 2c 3a

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