Hey Ray here. I have problems with hair always being a tangled mess, particularly in the back and on the sides where my more kinky hair is. I have to drench my hair an conditioner and carefully untangle it and workout the knots. I dread that dry matted dreadlock feel the back of my hair ends up feeling like. Even worst that sound of hair ripping when you catch a tangle the wrong way.

Another problem I have is the hair on the front of my head at the hairline being much shorter and drier then the rest. Much more kinky too. I understand that that part of the hair is more susceptible to damage like a windshield. It just bothers me that its much shorter and tends to make my hair look weird because that part either poofs up more or sticks out to the sides and just makes the rest of my hair look off. I now usually just gather the shorter hair and loosely but it in a hair tie and put it back so as to make it less noticeable. It still bugs me.